Embark on a retreat of a lifetime. We’ll be learning, excavating, discovering and uncovering... and it will be fkn hard work. Just one weekend and the desire to uncover your potential...

You’ve got the job, the routine, the home, the relationships - you’re doing all the things...but you feel a nagging sense you were meant for more. Somehow your life feels mapped out, predetermined, decided for you. You’re living up to someone else’s expectations, not your own. It’s easy to numb unsettling feelings with tv, alcohol, activities, or any other mindless business that keeps you from thinking too deeply. Blink and years could pass you by. Don’t let society dictate how you live your life. Take time for yourself to discover what it is YOU truly want.

We only get one chance at this wild and precious life.

Imagine if you took one weekend...

To look inwards and reflect on your true desires.

To stop comparing yourself to others.

To discover how you want to live the rest of your life.

To learn how to deal with any unexpected obstacles.

This is not some movie plot; this is your story

If you’re ready to:

● Ditch the familiar routine.
● Push yourself mentally and physically.
● Change your thinking patterns.
● Leave with a guide on how to live the life you want.
● Discover your inner resilience.

Then you are ready to go deep within, and you will leave this mental toughness retreat as the best version of yourself.

This is NOT for you if:

● You are unwilling to shake up your life.
● You have a fixed mindset.
● You’re happy with your routine.
● You’re not ready to get messy, gritty & scrappy.
● You are not willing to give yourself time.

Deep down, you already have what it takes to push past your limits and break through your self-imposed mental barriers to a freedom like you’ve never known.

Because we’re going off-grid.

Off the rails.

Off the plan.

Ready or Not.

Come as you are.

You don’t need to be in top physical shape to participate. Still, we assume you have an average or above average fitness level and are willing to give your body over to some tough physical challenges.

If you are already fit and want to push yourself further, we will take you to your limit and beyond what you thought possible.

This is what you are allowed to know...

In your inclusive package, you'll get:


Group Exercises

Catered meals


10 people, once per year.

That’s only 10 people, maximum, in 12 months so don’t wait to apply or you will miss your opportunity.

It’s an investment in the rest of your life that you will build upon as you reach and grow.

And it’s 100% worth it or the cost is fully refundable.

"Because I went in with zero expectations I genuinely had one of the greatest weekends of my life. This sucked, but it was endurable because f your ability to convey the distinction between pain and suffering. I'II be 100% recommending this to my community."


"Really grateful for the experience, you pushed us when we needed to be pushed but also allowed us to have fun. Cannot wait to see and share the footage. Thank you for everything."


"One of the most mentally and physically challenging experiences of my life, all the while being incredibly insightful and rewarding."


"The most wholesome weekend that allows you get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Yo are surrounded by like minded individuals to better themselves to assist in making a positive impact to our world."


"This weekend completely changed my thinking around what I'm capable of. It's one thing to say to yourself "I can do anything I put my mind to" and it's another thing to actually believe it. As crazy as this sounds, I now believe it."


"I came up with answers to questions I didn't even know I had, Thankyou to @ethanifleming for making that happen."


"Messed up! But also an incredible experience. I’ve actually already told a friend that I truly felt I got more out of this weekend than I did my entire body building prep last year."


"Fitness adventure Experience to Break the monotony of your daily fitness workouts and week that tests what you're capable of"


"Like the hardest workout you've ever done x10, crammed into 36 hours, with the lessons necessary to tackle those workouts and other life ventures sprinkled in-between. 10/10 would almost die again"


"The location was amazing! People and banter fantastic. Workouts fun and challenging, and the experience was one I'll never forget!"


"This was honestly one of the best things I've ever done. Really made me show up for myself and prove that I am capable of so much more.And also just continued to highlight my belief that you can literally do anything, so it was sick."


"The team work & mindset workshops were great.Everything was enjoyable, no matter how hard.The feelings of reward after was amazing. Definitely combining the two styles of application through fitness and 'theory' helped me with deeper understanding of resilience."