11,401 burpees in 24 hours.

Hard things make life easy.

September 15th, 2018.

That was my introduction to the world of "crazy" challenges, and honestly after that, I was pretty hooked.

But not for the reasons you'd think... It wasn't the record or the trophy.

In fact, I failed to secure the Guinness World Record thanks to a little mishap with the line measurements.

What truly reeled me in was the wild idea that if you're willing to endure a bit of hardship and embrace the possibility of failure, you can achieve some seriously cool stuff.

Since that awesome sh*t day in 2018, I've dedicated a big chunk of my life to testing the limits of what's possible.

Not only cause It's exhilarating, but also for the lessons you learn.

If you're curious about the adventures I've done, check them out below.

Are you killing yourself with comfort?

Embark on a retreat of a lifetime. We’ll be learning, excavating, discovering and uncovering... and it will be fkn hard work. Just one weekend and the desire to uncover your potential.

Awake for 100 hours?!

This was pretty messed up; staying awake for 100 hours was no joke, as you'd expect. However, it did teach me first-hand what happens to the mind and body when you deprive them of sleep for that long.